Jaguar E-Type V12

Year of manufacture 1975

After a mileage of 57.000 miles and the 3rd owner the Jaguar got restored from 2002 to 2004 by Upper Classics in New Zealand. In more than 3000 hours all original parts got restored and are still with the car. It´s documentation includes more than 700 pictures. Altogether the car got restored for more than 250.-000€,  also including the base vehicle.

Since then the car was driven 23.500 km
in the year 2015 the hollow spaces got sealed and 2017 the paint got sealed

One owner since the year 2000.

The car owns TÜV/ HU, a street license with historic license plate and is ready to go. Verhicle without any accident and a condition of 1,5

Price €128.000,-